Breaded chicken



Corn flakes crumbs breader



Steps to follow

  1. First we place the chicken in a pot with water, add salt to taste and let it soften for a few minutes

2. When you see that the chicken is soft, remove and place a little oil in a Teflon pan to heat.

4. In a container divide the whites from the yolk, and moisten the chicken until it is completely covered.

4. Add a little of the corn flakes crumbs to a plate and spread the chicken until it is completely covered with the crumbs

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6. Then over the oil that we are heating put them to fry. Brown them well for a few minutes and when they are ready you can enjoy your lunch with rice and salad.

7. Here below I leave you the link of the video so you can see it, in case I do not explain you well

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