How to prepare a good Bolognese sauce

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes among all the dishes we prepare. They can free us from being busy more than once. This is a healthy meal that is normal for children and adults. Therefore, it is rare not to prepare a house every week. However, in most cases very basic recipes are used, this dish is versatile and gives us infinite options. Therefore, today we will learn how to make authentic meat sauce.

It is true that one of the most common cooking methods for macaroni is to use meat and tomato, but it is also true that the method of preparing this type of macaroni is different from that of the Italian macaroni sauce we are talking about.

But we can not only use it to prepare noodles, it is also ideal for making lasagna, which is usually very popular with diners of all ages. Meat sauce is one of the basic recipes that we can consider, which means that once we learn how to prepare it, we will definitely get a lot out of it.

A plate of macaroni or lasagna with spaghetti sauce is very strong, so it can be used as a main dish, there is no need to eat other things, although if we wish we can order a light salad first. For athletes this is an ideal dish because it can give us a lot of energy, so it is best to eat this dish at lunch time rather than at dinner. Of course, we are already looking forward to learning how to make this Italian sauce. Therefore, we start with everything necessary for the preparation.

Ingredients for the meat sauce

  • 250 g of ground beef
  • 250 g minced meat
  • 150 g carrots
  • 100 g of celery
  • 150 g of onions
  • 500g of natural tomatoes
  • 1 slice of cinnamon stick
  • 1 clove
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • olive oil

How to make meat sauce

  • The first step in cooking our authentic Bolognese sauce is preparing the vegetables. First we wash and peel the onions and carrots, and then we cut them into small pieces. We booked.
  • Next, we use the same method to wash and cut the celery.
  • Put the oil in the pan, put it on the fire and fry the onions.
  • When the onions start to become transparent, add the carrots and celery at the same time. Let everything fry until cooked.
  • At the same time, wash and peel the tomatoes, cut them as small as possible and cut into small pieces, and then put them in the pot. We let it cook for about 10 minutes.
  • During this time, we add salt to the minced meat, then heat it with oil in another pot and begin to fry at medium high heat.
  • When the meat reaches the point we want, we add it to the sauce that we prepare. We add cloves and a cinnamon stick. add the teaspoon of sugar to lower the acidity of the sauce. Let cook together for about 10 minutes.
  • After the specified time has passed, remove it from the heat and then remove the cloves and cinnamon sticks before using the Bolognese sauce. Now we just have to enjoy the dishes with this delicious homemade Bolognese sauce.

Tips to follow and get the best Bolognese sauce

  1. If we don’t normally have a lot of time during the meal, we can make a lot of seasonings and freeze the remaining seasonings. Therefore, when we want to taste this dish, we only need to cook the pasta, which will take a few minutes.
  2. If we want to simplify the recipe or we do not have natural tomatoes, we can use fried tomatoes, the taste will not change much
  3. We choose equal amounts of beef and pork to make gravy because this is the most common recipe. But we can only use beef or pork, and we can also use chicken.
  4. In fact, if we take a plate of minced meat at the supermarket, we can finish it early so we don’t have to queue at the butcher shop. However, our recommendation is that we choose the meat that is currently being minced so that we can choose the pieces of meat to ensure that they are always of the highest quality.
  5. If we confirm that it leaks liquid when frying the meat, then the heat is too low. You must seal the meat and for that you must do it with the game very high, please always be careful not to burn yourself.
  6. In addition, in this way, we can fry the meat without cooking.
  7. In the introduction we mentioned that the sauce can be used for any type of pasta or to make lasagna, but we have a third option, which is to use it for pizza. We just need to spread it on the dough, add mozzarella cheese on top, bake, and we will get a delicious Bolognese pizza.

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