About Us

When Greg was just a hungry medical student looking to get through a crazy day at work without running to the vending machine, he started roasting chickpeas at night to help deal with his daily 4:00pm hunger pangs. His coworkers would look over with curiosity when they heard the afternoon crunching, and inevitably he would offer up some snacks. They were a hit! That's when he realized he was on to something special, but it wasn't until he shared his idea with a friend that the snacks turned into a business. Jimmy and Greg had been friends since college who bonded over healthy eating and active living. Jimmy had finished a big real estate deal and they were brainstorming new projects for him to take on. Greg suggested that they start a business to make it easier for people to live healthy lives. He showed Jimmy his chickpea snacks and they decided that they needed to bring them to the world. 

Meet the Founders: 

Jimmy, Co-Founder
Sustainable real estate developer, certified nutritional consultant & personal trainer

Jimmy Edgerton, co-founder of Watusee Foods, lives in Washington, DC, where he built a a sustainability focused real estate company as a licensed professional civil engineer. When not managing development projects, Jimmy utilized his personal training and nutritional consultant certifications, and passion for action, to local bootcamp workouts and organize urban triathlons. His goal has been to make the World a healthier, more sustainable place, so it is a natural fit to create and grow Watusee Foods' business since 2013. "What you see is what you get" is the slogan of Watusee Foods to highlight their simple ingredients packed with protein, but also resonates with Jimmy's core values of transparency and open communication.

Medical doctor & personal trainer

Greg spent four years working as a personal trainer before moving to New York to go to medical school. He took a year off from med school to work as a researcher for the Dr. Oz Show, where he helped to teach millions of Americans how to make better choices in diet and exercise, and also has spent time working with the previous Surgeon General Dr. Rich Carmona. After serving as the Senior Chief Resident in internal medicine at NYU, Greg is now a Cardiology fellow in NYC. Greg views his energy and productivity with Watusee Foods as a complement to his work in the hospital with patients.