What kind of chickpeas do you use? Are they canned?

All of our organic chickpeas are free range, grass fed, and get plenty of exercise. They never spend any time in cans, cages, or gestational crates.

What does it cost for shipping?

We'll ship our snacks anywhere in the US for $5. Our shipping costs are actually a bit higher than that, but we're trying to keep our snacks affordable. As shipping volume increases, we hope to be able to get this cost even lower. Use the contact us page for international shipping info

How long until I get my order?

We usually fulfill online orders within 3-5 days, and then ship by Priority Mail to get it to you in 2-3 days. Your credit card or PayPal account is charged at the time of purchase and you'll get a confirmation email when your order ships.

What's your nutritional info like?

Each of our product pages has nutritional data. We stick with a motto of simple, tasty ingredients packed with protein.

Are Chickpeatos paleo?

Why aren't you reading our blog?

How do you make them -- bake vs fried? 

All of our snacks are roasted with olive oil or coconut oil. We would never deep fry our chickpeas.

How long will the snacks last?

Every bag is marked with a "best by" date exactly 7 months after its bake date. But you should also know that Jimmy has eaten chickpeas at least a year after baking that still have terrific crunch and flavor.

What's the largest quantity of Chickpeatos that Jimmy has ever eaten in one sitting?

Over 3 pounds. He does not recommend it.