Pink Honey: Benefits, Use and Where to Buy It

Have they already told you about the wonders of pink honey? Have you been suggested to consume it? What good advice you got! Pink honey is normally prepared naturally and has an exquisite rose flavor. There is talk that pink honey can help treat various health problems.

In this article you can find its benefits and how to prepare pink honey, but first we must start by answering the question that we all ask ourselves when we first hear about it:

What is pink honey?

Pink honey, also known as pink honey or Romeo honey, is a natural honey preparation that is made from different types of rose petals. It is called this way due to the result of the color of the final product once its preparation and mixing with the rose petals. Honey is a sweet substance that comes from bees and these are responsible for extracting the secretions contained in plants to produce honey. These substances, once extracted, are stored in honeycombs and later the beekeeper is in charge of collecting them for storage. Honey is one of the most primitive foods that humans use for nourishment. In fact, it is widely used in medicine and beauty. Its composition is very complex, being carbohydrates the largest composition of its nutritional content, including a high content of fructose and glucose.

Additionally, honey contains a variety of substances that include enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The composition of honey mainly depends on several factors, such as the composition of the plant, soil, climate and environmental conditions. In addition to food, honey also has other functions, especially those related to the treatment of health conditions. Pink honey as such is not produced directly by bees, but you can prepare it at home, or buy it at your favorite market. Pink honey has become very popular in recent times, so it is important that its preparation is done with natural unpasteurized honey.

Benefits of pink honey

The properties it contains are healing and its benefits are closely related to its high nutritional content, especially amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Rose honey can help you:

You avoid stomach diseases. Due to its high enzyme content, it can help you alleviate digestive system diseases, improve digestion, and prevent heartburn. To obtain the properties of pink honey, whether for the throat, stomach or kidneys, I recommend that you dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and take it on an empty stomach for 30 days. Wait about 30 minutes to start breakfast. Fluid retention: Thanks to its powerful diuretic properties, it can help you prevent body fluid retention, improve kidney activity, and avoid urinary tract diseases. Relieves pain in the throat. It is very useful to relieve a sore throat, cure canker sores, relieve gingivitis, calm coughs and improve aphasia.

Benefits for the skin: Due to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it will also be very useful as a mask. You can take advantage of it when you have pimples, inflamed or dry skin.

Where can I buy pink honey?

You can find pink honey for sale in various stores: Pharmacies, herbalists, online and nutritionist stores. In this case, if you don’t get it as pink honey, you can buy pure honey and make it at home. But keep in mind that the difference between homemade and commercial rose honey is that the former is usually much more concentrated than the latter. You can easily tell this because its color will be deeper and its scent will be stronger.

Miel rosada

How to prepare pink honey at home?

The preparation of rose honey is very simple, although it may take some time to collect the petals. It is important that you know that you can prepare it with dried petals, but it would be better if you prepare it with fresh petals. So these ingredients can be easily found in the market or a health food store

Ingredients to prepare pink honey

10 rose petals (1 Rosa)

250g of 100% Pure liquid honey

Glass jug for storage

Steps for making pink honey

First buy the roses in an organic market and choose the ones with the most beautiful petals

Take a plastic bag with rose petals and remove insects or weeds.

Soak the petals in clean filtered water, rinse until clean

Place the clean petals in a glass jar and fill it halfway

 Fill the jar with runny honey and make sure there are no bubbles. Add a little honey on top if necessary

Close the bottle and infuse for at least 3 days. After this period of time, when you open the jar again, you will notice how the honey absorbs the soft aroma of the rose petals, and its color and flavor have also changed.

How can we use pink honey?

It appears in a variety of breakfast options, including certain condiments and desserts. It is often hailed as a home remedy for coughs, colds, or laryngitis. It has become an ally of anti-cholesterol due to its antioxidant properties. It is even a better option than refined sugar, especially for diabetics. However, pink honey itself is another form of sugar, and as the experts at the American Heart Association clarified, it should only be consumed in moderation.

Now that you know what rose honey is, what its benefits are and how to prepare it at home. You will be interested in knowing the uses of pink honey. So I will tell you some of its main applications:

In baby

Do you want to know what is the use of rose honey in babies? Please note that rose honey cannot be used for babies under two years of age, not even externally. After this age, as long as you are careful not to ingest it and are aware of possible adverse effects, you can apply it on the skin. It will make your baby have a smoother and more radiant skin

Instead, rose honey is used for sores on the mouth and lips. All you have to do is apply it to the affected area. But be careful, you should not ingest it. Its use is partial, you must make it effective

How can I use pink honey on inflammations? Pink honey Heals mouth ulcers and fires, so its use eliminates inflammation of the oral mucosa relieving pain immediately.

How can I apply it? Soak a cotton ball with pink honey every day and pass it at least 2 times a day until the wound or inflammation disappears. Important note: Keep it out of the reach of children. remember that children are old enough to consume honey. In case of overdose, go to the medical center immediately. Warning: the best thing you can do is consult your doctor if symptoms continue

Use of pink honey as a cosmetic

On the other hand, pink honey serves as a handmade moisturizing mask for hair and skin and is widely used in soaps and other natural cosmetics, which you can make at home. You can also use it as a relaxing mask or prepare natural micellar water with rose and honey.

Labeling and origin of natural honey

Depending on the method of obtaining honey, the purpose of use, the time of production or its origin, different types of honey can be classified according to different standards. The most common is to find honey in the market classified by time of production or place of origin. so that: it depends on the month the honey was given.

Its origin is also important, honey can come from flowers (from fruit trees, rosemary, linden, etc.) or from dew (fir, sequoia or leaves):

When the nectar is fresh, it is a transparent and gradually concentrated liquid, its color can change from white to brown, depending on the plant of origin.

On the other hand, dewy honey barely solidifies and has little sweetness. Dark in color. So it is important that you know where the honey that you mix comes from to make your pink honey or pink honey and thus be able to make the correct labeling

Other types of honey

If you want to consume natural products to treat health problems or as a beauty treatment. I suggest you take a look at the content listed below

Eucalyptus honey: Brown in color. Very aromatic and with woody characteristics. It is good for the respiratory and urinary tract, it has a balm and deworming effect. Suitable for colds and respiratory illnesses.

Orange blossom honey: Its color is light amber, fragrant and soft. It has a calming effect and helps you fall asleep.

Thyme honey: The base is red and the taste is pleasant. It is suitable for inflammatory respiratory diseases, whooping cough and asthma. Regulates blood pressure. Highly indicated as a toning agent for fatigue and weakness.

Rosemary honey: Very transparent in color when crystallized. Aromatic and sweet. A liver stimulant that helps decongest the liver. Indicated for gastric ulcer and dysmenorrhea. Not recommended for patients with hypertension.

Lavender honey: amber color and characteristic lavender flavor. It has bactericidal power. It is used for insect bites, sunburns and wounds. Antidiarrheal. Prevents flu, bronchitis, colds. Due to its high iron content, it has the same indications as chestnut honey. Promotes sleep, reduces irritability, aggression and stress.

Clover honey: The color of the clover flower is light yellow. It is full of vitality. It is very useful in cases of fatigue, ideal for the elderly and postoperative recovery.

Linden honey: from linden flowers. Pale yellow in color with fragrant aroma. It crystallizes easily, so it hardens quickly. It can be used to calm heartburn, flatulence, stomach or duodenal ulcer. It has antibacterial properties. It is useful for bronchitis, flu and cold. It has a calming effect and is widely used in cases of anxiety and insomnia.

Alfalfa honey: comes from alfalfa flowers. It has a white amber color, good flavor, and properties similar to clover honey. Maple. You will discover that this honey also has incredible benefits. Also known as maple syrup, it is an excellent sweet alternative to sugar

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