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Breaded chicken

Ingredients Chicken Corn flakes crumbs breader Egg Oil Steps to follow First we place the chicken in a pot with water, add salt to taste and let it soften for a few minutes 2. When you see that the chicken is soft, remove and place a little oil in a Teflon pan to heat. 4. […]

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7-Day Free diet plans, Gluten free

This global trend is related to the controversial diagnosis of “non-intestinal gluten sensitivity” (NCCS), in which case patients will experience digestive problems due to gluten consumption. As you might expect, the link between gluten and digestive system problems remains controversial. Understanding how gluten affects “Gluten: A Benefit or Harm to the Body” the gut is […]

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How Starving Rats Explain Human Obesity

As a proud alumnus of Tufts University, I’m always excited to read their online publications. There are always interesting articles about faculty research and its applicability to modern human life. A new piece* looks at the work of Dr. Emmanuel Pothos who investigates the neuroscience of obesity in animals. The crux of the article is that […]